About the Youth and Students Office

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Who We Are

We are an office of promising change makers, dedicated and committed to ensuring the involvement of youths and students in issues democratic governance and civic engagement regarding youths and student in Nigeria.

SAYS firmly believes young people possess the creativity, intellect, energy and resilience required to solve and implement change regarding Nigeria’s governance and development challenges hence the need to investment in mobilising and empowering young people with the requisite skills and knowledge that makes them agents of change in the country.

Nigerian Youths and Students are viewed as a heterogeneous group with diverse needs and priorities. SAYS targets Youths and Students both the female and male gender, the disableled/handicapped, those in rural youth, out of school, unemployed, in conflict, illiterate and in Diaspora.


Our vision is to lead and serve as an effective engine room for policy formulation, harmonization, implementation and monitoring of the institutions of governance to the benefit of youths and students.

Our mission is to bring birth workings of Nation and system alive to every citizen of Nigeria especially the Youths and Students for they’re the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the avenue to be involved the decision making and law implementation. It creates an opportunity for students to discuss current state issues with elected government officials, and youths and students from all over the world.