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Youth & Students of Nigeria, We require Social WelfareEducation & Youth UnemploymentPolitical ParticipationCreativityEntertainment & SportsInnovation & Tech Solutions

Engaging the youth & Students from all communities and locality would empower and encourage them to play a larger role in nations Security and welfare. There is an urgent need to promote awareness on all levels hence impacting positively various facets of the country’s well-being.


Our mission is to bring birth workings of Nation and system alive to every citizen of Nigeria especially the Youths and Students for they’re the leaders of tomorrow by giving them the avenue to be involved the decision making and law implementation. It creates an opportunity for students to discuss current state issues with elected government officials, and youths and students from all over the world.


Our vision is to lead and serve as an effective engine room for policy formulation, harmonization, implementation and monitoring of the institutions of governance to the benefit of youths and students.


We believe young people possess the creativity, intellect, energy and resilience required to solve and implement change regarding Nigeria’s governance and development challenges hence the need to investment in mobilizing and empowering young people with the requisite skills and knowledge that makes them agents of change in the country.
Years In Business

A little about me

Ikeoluwa Senbanjo is an indigene of Lagos State, Shomolu L.G.A, was born and grew up in Ilorin, Kwara State.

He studied Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Hull, Hull, England. A certified Microsoft Professional and an experienced IT hardware specialist and infrastructure analyst with over 8 years of project management / infrastructure expertise in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

In England, worked with a team of developers to build and manage OXFAM, high street, Lincoln online store. Moved to back to Nigeria in 2011 and worked for two years as a Technical Assistant to the Hon. Commissioner at Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Welfare, Osun State; where he worked with a team of directors to manage the information technology & technical components of all the ministry’s projects undertaken by the honourable commissioner.

As an Innovation and technology enthusiast he proposed and managed a CSR project in the North East to setup a 3D laboratory that makes use of 3D printing technology to produce prosthetic limbs for amputee insurgency victims in Northeast Nigeria; from 3D scanning, 3D modelling, 3D printing, assembling and fitting the devices for beneficiaries

Until his appointment as Special Assistant to the President of the Senate, he was a Project Manager at Acetrace Solutions & Synergy Limited, a leading provider of next generation Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solutions and communications structure for the private and public sector in Nigeria where he led a team of developers to provide end-to-end technical business and security solutions for various organizations nationwide.